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Rock Chalk Ramblings 9.1.10

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3 Days...I felt like Deion...

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Kansas Football

Ku-2KU's Torbush: 'Everybody that we take to the motel' will play on defense | Campus Corner
"Defensively, I’ll be shocked if everybody that we take to the motel, if they don’t play," Coach Torbush...classic.

Ku-2Long to tell Pick vomit story |
Long talks about his first college start at Iowa.

Ku-2All eyes on Pick: Gill will be watching QB closely in his first start for KU |
“I’m just like everybody else,” Gill said. “Quarterback. Quarterback.”

Selby Watch 2010

Ku-2KU's Selby on Twitter: No decision from NCAA yet | Campus Corner
"I feel good about me being cleared but I don't know for sure." - Josh Selby. That doesn't sound like someone who's confident he didn't do anything wrong.  Twitter just isn't doing Coach Self any favors.


College Football's Newest Trend: Shirtless Photos With 'A Lot Of Baby Oil' -
This is good for a few laughs.

BYU to leave Mountain West Conference, join West Coast Conference in all sports except football - ESPN
So BYU makes their move to become the Notre Dame of the West.

Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini still won't name starting quarterback - ESPN
Raise the level of doubt in the ability for Nebraska to improve on offense?