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Jayhawks 3rd in Local Confidence Poll?


Since SB Nation has launched the regional sites and SB Nation Kansas City, they've been tracking the feelings of the fan bases with confidence polls at the local sites.  For SB Nation KC this includes Arrowhead Pride, Royals Review, Rock M Nation, and of course Rock Chalk Talk. 

The scores are averaged and displayed each week at the regional site for everyone to see.  Anyway, I was pretty disappointed when looking at the local scores.  Out of the four sites, guess where RCT's confidence level in the Jayhawks ranks?  Third.  Out of four.  A 78 score.

Just yesterday in my post I was told that being happy with 7 wins is shooting too low this season.  In a season with the Jayhawks trying to rebound from a 5-7 record last year.  Not to mention a new coaching staff.  Oh yeah, also a new quarterback...either a sophomore who has "Scout Team Player of the Year" listed as his main career honor and has thrown all of five passes in his career or a redshirt freshman who has yet to play for the Jayhawks. 

We're not worried about that stuff because of the schedule.  The basketball team has possibly the best recruit in the nation committed (not worried about the recent news).  Bill Self is still the coach.  An argument could be made that the 2010-2011 Jayhawks will be more talented than last year's team.  So shouldn't things be pretty rosy around here?  Lets compare the teams.

Missouri Tigers: 87 Confidence Score

  • Can't give the Tigers too much grief for liking how things are going for them this summer.  Remember, this score is from last week so the coaches having a kegger in the parking lot on campus wasn't included.
  • Football schedule isn't too scary:  No Texas, OU @ home, @ Texas A&M, @ Tech, @ Nebraska, and KU @ Arrowhead.  Aren't all of those winnable games for the Tigers?
  • Basketball seems to be going well for the Tigers.  Mike Anderson has them looking like they might be able to compete with Kansas in Columbia...hey, that's an accomplishment.
  • They also seem to have done a great job of imagining the Big 10 tease was all a dream and never happened.

Kansas City Chiefs: 82 Confidence Score

  • Todd Haley is starting the season with an actual offensive coordinator.  That's a plus, right?
  • Jamal Charles rushed for 1,120 yards last season.
  • The same guy might be losing the starting job to a 31 year old running back.
  • Have won 4 games, 2 games, and 4 games the last three years. 
  • Have not won a playoff game since 1993.

Kansas City Royals: 53 Confidence Score

  • Finally moving in a younger direction.
  • Trade deadline was a highlight of the season.
  • Expect this number to go higher with the DFA for Jose Guillen.