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Rock Chalk Ramblings

Heading into the season we'll get back into the swing of a links post to capture all those articles surrounding the program.  The idea, one stop shopping.  RCT readers can find articles, videos and pictures from around the web right here for your reading/viewing pleasure. 

Most likely we'll go with an every other day format and of course we'll keep our gameday link post going as we've done for the past two seasons.  If anyone has any suggestions or requests, email me as always(  On to the links:

Cowboys Ride For Free - For Oklahoma St. Cowboys Fans
Okie Light joins the SB Nation family today. Thank god T. Boone Pickens and men everywhere over 40 now have a home with SB Nation

Kansas Football: DAILY GRIND
Part of the new series of videos. This one from August 3rd. Players report and then a little fun at Dave and Busters.

Footage from the first day of practice. Three things, Patterson looks FAST, Hawksinson looks like Will Ferrell if he were a left tackle and Jeremiah Hatch appears to be going at center. All good news.

More after the jump.

Back for more: Quigley embraces role as camp opens |
Matt Tait recaps day one of training camp.

KU’s Pick and Webb battling for vacant QB spot -
The Kansas City Star's Brady McCollough talks about one of the top stories entering camp. Who replaces Todd Reesing?

First preseason football practice at Kansas - Photo Gallery -
Practice Photo Gallery

Gill era begins with QB questions |
Capital Journal's Tully Corcoran on the QB Questions. - KU Football: Back to work
Quigley and Kansas football feeling more confident. A free article from Bryan Cisler from the Jayhawkslant.

Kansas fight song needs new words with Nebraska, Colorado departing Big 12 - ESPN
The University of Kansas fight song will be revised this fall to account for longtime border rival Nebraska's move to the Big Ten next year and Colorado's upcoming departure for the Pac-10.

Freshman learning curve: Veteran Jayhawks helping rookies during first football practices |
Hopefully the curve is an easy climb for some of these freshman on the defensive line.