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Rock Chalk Ramblings 8.29.10

IT"S GAME WEEK!!!  Five days until gameday.  Don't forget to email your entry for the RCT Football Jersey Giveaway.

Jayhawk Football

Ku-2Turning point: Gill brings new style of coaching to KU -
Yes winning is important, but stories like this and 30 second snippets of the team reciting the motto "BELIEVE" make it hard to not get excited about what GIll is doing and the potential for it to be something very special.

Ku-2Safety net: Darrell Stuckey is gone from the Jayhawks’ defensive secondary, but his influence lives on |
Stuckey's leaves a big footprint on the program. Really hoping things take off with San Diego.

Ku-2BV West prep Admire to graduate early |
This news actually broke Friday if I recall, but good news for Kansas being able to get Admire on campus for an extra offseason.

Ku-2Good cop, bad cop: Pattern emerges in recent KU coaches -
Proof in the pudding?

Ku-2KU football preview -
Not a very positive prediction. 4 wins?

Ku-2Stamps RB counting on Kansas supporters to stuff ballot box | Football | Sports | Toronto Sun
Support a former Hawk in Jon Cornish

Ku-2For Mangino, Leach and Leavitt, the fall from the top of the mountain was fast -
How quickly can things change for a college football coach? A look at the 2008 season for three programs on the rise:

Ku-2Kind of a big deal: Beefed-up Hawkinson finds home on O-line |
Tanner Hawkinson might be the top NFL prospect on the team right now.

Jayhawk Basketball

In his own words: LOLs with Keith Langford |
KRichards put this up in a fanshot on Sunday, but just in case you missed it. Pretty good.

Big 12

Preseason problems plague Tigers | The Columbia Daily Tribune - Columbia, Missouri
Columbia Tribune on the Tigers preseason off field trouble. Obviously Kansas didn't have a stellar offseason either, but problems occur everywhere.

Ndamukong Suh Gets His Money's Worth Out Of Personal Foul Penalty -
Suh attempts to kill Jake Delhomme this weekend.

Is the College Sports Bubble About to Burst? - Bring On The Cats
Interesting article on the sustainability of the spend, spend, spend culture in college athletics today.