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Rock Chalk Ramblings 8.25.10

10 if there was any other option. 


Ku-2Gale Sayers's sheer, blinding talent made - 08.23.10 - SI Vault
PART III: The Icon. The Kansas Comet Gale Sayers, in SI.

Ku-2Ruben Carter - Kansas, Tennessee and Florida State
Carter lists Kansas, Tennessee and Florida State as his three finalists according to Rivals. Kansas is recruiting him as a DT. Some pretty stiff competition for this one. If Kansas can land Carter and Couch at DT...WOW.

Ku-2Pick adjusting to being starting QB |
How are Pick's first few days as the starter going?

Ku-2Dailey's grind pays off at KU |
Joe Dailey could prove to be a GREAT carryover from Turner Gill's Buffalo staff in the long run. Plenty of positive things floating around about him as coach and recruiter.

News Around the Big 12

Jenni Carlson: Would Big 12 take back Colorado? |
More talk of the "un"realignment

Freshman invasion under way at Oklahoma - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Interesting that OU has found so many immediate impact freshman. One note Marshall Musil a Kansas native and redshirt freshman at OU has been passed on the depth chart by a true freshman.

CU Buffs to remain in Big 12 two years, join Pac-12 in 2012 - Buffzone
Are these guys really that broke? Can't get out of the Big 12 a year early. There going to Ohio State, and now Hawaii for a 13th game?

The WTF File

Police: OSU lineman found naked in stranger's home - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
One day after I give Oregon State the nod at #25, and many of you commented on your liking of the Beavers, now THIS! Hey, we may have injuries and armed robbery...but at least no one is passing out naked in a stranger's house.