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Rock Chalk Ramblings 8.24.10

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11 Days...

Daily Grind - August 23 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

Sadly we'll have to wait until September 6th before we get a new FULL episode of "The Gridiron", but Micah Brown gives us a little something to hold us over with the "Daily Grind"Today, the big guys do some damage at BW3's.


Ku-2Kansas Coach Turner Gill Sees Opportunities Instead of Obstacles -- NCAAFB FanHouse
A decent little piece on Gill. We'll talk expectations here at Rock Chalk Talk either late this week or the end of next. Still trying to decide when it seems most appropriate, but it should be interesting to see everyone's thoughts.

Ku-2Hawkinson finds his niche with Jayhawks
Hutch News takes a look at Tanner Hawkinson's path to tackle.

Ku-2KU has plenty of depth in defensive backfield -
The Kansas City Star is high on the defensive backfield.

Ku-2Tower of strength: Big John, new weight-room coach, reaps big praise |
The New Big John Williams on the block.

Ku-2Keeston Terry’s prep coach: Move to safety could be a good one |
Former Jayhawk and prep Coach for Keeston Terry believes he's better built for safety.


The Explanation

OTC: Whitlock Does Not Disappoint / The Explanation Targets Star’s Editor, Mike Fannin | KC
In case you missed the atomic bomb dropped on the KC Star known as "THE EXPLANATION". Here's a pretty decent recap for anyone who cares about the KC media. Or anyone just wanting to see a bitter employee air everyone's dirty laundry.