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RCT 2010 Fall Lineup

Today I thought we'd give everyone a quick rundown of what we're looking at on a day to day basis here at RCT this fall.  The following is the outlined schedule.  Obviously when Jayhawk related news arises, we'll report that and if anyone of our writers has something they feel compelled to write about, we'll throw that in the mix.  But this is at least a baseline of what you can expect on a weekly basis.


Weekend Recruiting Roundup - Andy E.

RCT Weekly BlogPoll Ballot - Owen K.

Big 12 Power Poll - Owen K.


Jayhawks in the Pro's - Owen K.

Opponent Preview(look at the opponents season to date, key players, etc.) - RockChalk

RCT Fantasy Football Power Poll - Owen K.


Weekly BlogPoll Release - Owen K.

Weekly Presser, reaction etc. - Owen K.

Match up Breakdown(offense v defense, special teams and coaching) - Owen K.

RCT Round-table(possible podcast) - All w/guest member weekly when possible


Tale of the Tape(opponent statistical comparison) - Warden

Weekly Opponent Blogger/Writer Interview - Owen K.


Keys to the game, game preview(multiple posts) Owen K.


Gameday links and final thoughts before kickoff - Owen K.

Open Game Thread - All

Initial reaction/postgame thread - Varies


Game Recap/Deeper reaction - Owen K.

We'll also be continuing our daily Rock Chalk Ramblings to kick start your day every day at Rock Chalk Talk.

As always, we encourage any and all participation by YOU in the FANPOST and FANSHOT sections and we welcome your comments in any thread and especially invite you to join in the gameday open thread conversation.  Football is a great time of year and we look forward to one of our best seasons yet here at Rock Chalk Talk.

If you haven't joined yet,  register here, it's free.