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2010 BlogPoll Top 25

Some of you might remember the annual BlogPoll that Rock Chalk Talk has participated in during recent seasons.  2010 brings a little bit of change in a good way as the BlogPoll now has its very own home home right here at SBNation.

The BlogPoll consists of voting participants from over 100 SBNation college blogs covering nearly ever single team in the country.  We rank 'em, you debate 'em.

Next week kicks off our regular seasonal coverage of Jayhawk football.  With that they'll be no more weekends off, regular content from our team of writers here at RCT and more Jayhawk football talk than any one person can least that's the goal.

The BlogPoll will be one of your features that you can look for every Monday.  Every week, I will post my ballot on Monday for discussion and the poll will be posted on Wednesday when it is released.  As for today, let's hear would you vote differently?

Tomorrow we'll release the full weekly content schedule for fall and this brings us one step closer to kickoff. 

BlogPoll, after the jump...