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Rock Chalk Talk 2010 Hall of Fame Member Class

It's the eve of camp, August 3rd and the Kansas Jayhawks report for their first season under head Coach Turner Gill.  It's an exciting time to be a Jayhawk fan, football matters and there's a bit of optimism in the air come August. 

On this day, we also celebrate another exciting beginning, our first member class of the Rock Chalk Talk Hall of Fame.  An opportunity to show where we've been, what this place is about, who has played a major part in it and how it's evolved. 

The inductees and more after the jump...

At the end of the day this is just another way to give folks a perspective on what this place is all about and that's the fan, the reader, the commenter, the "lurker" and the community as a whole.  Connecting with Jayhawks, talking about the Jayhawks and doing so in a way that hopefully encourages the discussion of all the differing opinions and thoughts on the team. 

With that in mind, here are the inductees based on YOUR voting. There are six this year, five for the number of football wins, and one bonus for RC.  For a more detailed caption on each, go to the Hall of Fame Member page to learn more.

RockChalk - Member #1(special section to come with foreword by KennyGregoryRockThaCradle)\

KennyGregoryRockThaCradle - Member #18

Denverjhawk(Owen Kemp) - Member #62

Warden - Member #166

Bensa - Member #232

KUGrad08 - Member #329

Going forward nominations can be made at any time and we'll vote most likely twice a year on inductees.  Once on the even of training camp and once at a to be determined point during basketball season.  Congrats to the inductees, feel free to roast away, talk a little smack or relive some memories in the comments of this post or in the Hall.