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RCT Preseason Picks: Most Improved Offensive Player

At the end of every season here at Rock Chalk Talk we go through and let you the reader select the readers choice award recipients for a variety of categories. 

Now it's time to shift from the best of the best to those that might surprise.  The predictions for most improved.

When we talk improved, we're talking about a player that saw time on the field in 2009 and makes major strides in 2010.  In short, leave the redshirt freshman out of the conversation, they have another award.

The nominees and a prediction for Most Improved Offensive Player are:

Bradley McDougald

  • Starting from the word go as a true freshman, McDougald obviously has talent.  The only problem with his production from last year is he wasn't used often enough.  That isn't his fault.  With a change in regime and the turnover at quarterback and wideout from a year ago, McDougald has a chance to see the ball in his hands much more regularly in 2010.

Tim Biere

  • 14 catches and 183 yards in 2009.  That shouldn't be hard to top for Biere and with the ball in his hands the guy is a truck. Biere has the potential to be the player that benefits the most year over year from the coaching change as the spring game showcased an offense much more ready and willing to get the tight end involved.

Daymond Patterson

  • Back to offense for the shifty slot man from Mesquite Texas.  During his freshman campaign Patterson captured everyone's imagination in the non-conference with his big play ability.  A move back to offense with Chuck Long as the coordinator could prove to be a great change for this wideout and a boost to the Kansas offense.

Kale Pick

  • Technically he has to be a candidate correct?  He played last year and if he's up for the MVP, he has to be improved?  That said I wouldn't say this is really where Pick belongs, but if he wins more than he losses, that's a good thing and he'll have to be considered.

Tanner Hawkinson

  • Again, how improved can you be when you are already getting preseason awards for Big 12 All Conference?  Sure, why not.   If Hawkinson can win most improved he's probably on the right path to an NFL career.


Preaseason Pick: Tim Biere

This might prove to be a dubious pick, but it's hard not to get excited about using an underutilized player.  Tim Biere is a player that started as a true freshman, has consistently shown the ability to play at the Big 12 level, yet he was constantly hidden as a blocker or ignored in his route. 

That shouldn't be the case anymore, a mix of the spread with a more traditional offense looks to have the tight end position much more involved and why wouldn't you?  When Biere had the ball in his hands last year, good things usually happened. 

What's your prediction RCT?

Darkhorse Candidates: Angus Quigley, Toben Opurum, Trevor Marrongelli