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RCT Preseason Picks: Offensive MVP

At the end of every season here at Rock Chalk Talk we go through and let you the reader select the readers choice award recipients for a variety of categories. 

Using those awards as our starting point, let's get some preseason pick predictions going and look at what players are expected to make the impact going into the 2010 season.

Kicking things off will be the 2010 preseason offensive MVP.  Sounds pretty ridiculous to name a preseason MVP, but how else are we going to gain enough material for the Rock Chalk Talk Time Machine if we don't have a few outrageous statements. 

With that, the nominees and selections for 2010 preseason offensive MVP:

Kale Pick

  • Replacing Todd Reesing might be one of the most difficult positions to be in on the field, Kale Pick appears to be the frontrunner.  Yes Jordan Webb's name is still in the conversations, but all indications are that Kale Pick will earn the nod come Sept 4th and the opening Kickoff.  Predicting him as an MVP isn't a stretch because if Kansas is to have a solid season, he'll need to perform.

Jordan Webb

  • If he wins the job, Kansas might be throwing the football more.  Again all signs out of the program seem to indicate that Pick will ultimately win the job, but is anyone willing to count out Webb just yet?

Angus Quigley

  • Out of spring ball Quigley is listed first on the running back depth chart.  Can he finally put together a season in a position he's been given more than a few opportunities at?

Johnathan Wilson

  • Wilson returns for his senior season as the top returning receiver from a year ago.  Wilson struggled at times during the 2009 campaign, can he return to his early form and live up to the potential that he showed while playing in the shadow of Dezmon Briscoe and Kerry Meier?

Tanner Hawkinson

  • For an offensive lineman to win this award something pretty remarkable would have to happen.  The big guys up front just don't get noticed when things are going well.  Not to mention, if they are going well the stats at the other positions would likely overshadow the performance.  Still Hawk is viewed as an NFL prospect at the position and has seen plenty of recognition early.  

Toben Opurum

  • The leading rusher from a year ago will look to comeback from injury and regain his starting position.  The previous staff was a big fan of Opurum, will the new staff see the same potential.

Tim Biere

  • Like Hawkinson it would be a bit of a surprise to see a tight end snag MVP honors, but Biere is expected to play a more noticeable role in 2010.  With that in mind, he very well could be a darkhorse nominee by the end of the season.

Preaseason Pick: Kale Pick

There really isn't another option.  The Kansas backfield looks like a by committee approach with no known superstars prepared to carry the load. 

At receiver it's the same story and that's not a bad thing.  Most of last season Kansas sent an offense out with four or five wideouts and everyone knew it was going to one of two.  That shouldn't be the case again.

As to a darkhorse like Biere or Hawkinson, again, if one of them is truly deserving it likely means that Kale Pick has put up the numbers to make him a noticeable enough quarterback that he would snag the prize.

At the end of the day, if Kansas has any hopes of going 6-6 or 7-5 and making a bowl game in Turner Gill's first season, both Chuck Long and Turner Gill will need to find a way to mold a young quarterback into a successful option in year one. 

What's your prediction RCT?

Darkhorse Picks:  Bradley Mcdougald, Brandon Bourbon