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Kansas Jayhawk Football Depth Chart Released

One day after training camp wrapped and on the day of the start of fall classes, Kansas has released it's first depth chart for the 2010 season. 

A few surprises, a few position changes to discuss and certainly some interesting things to dissect as the Jayhawks enter the final two weeks before gameday.


LT 72 Tanner Hawkinson 6-6 293 So. 1L     70 Gavin Howard 6-5 297 Fr. RS

LG 67 Duane Zlatnik 6-4 326 So. 1L  62 Alex Smith 5-11 266 Sr. SQ

OC 59 Sal Capra 6-2 295 Sr. 2L  77 Jeremiah Hatch 6-3 332 Jr. 2L

RG 69 Trevor Marrongelli 6-2 293 So. 1L  65 Michael Martinovich 6-5 279 Jr. 2L

RT 76 Brad Thorson 6-5 310 Sr. 2L  79 Riley Spencer 6-7 300 Fr. RS

TE 86 Tim Biere 6-4 260 Jr. 2L  87 Bradley Dedeaux 6-3 252 Sr. 3L

Utility 11 AJ Steward 6-3 233 Jr. 1L  43 Ted McNulty 6-5 230 Jr. SQ

WR 81 Johnathan Wilson 6-2 190 Sr. 3L 12 Christian Matthews 6-1 186 Fr. RS or 88 Erick McGriff 6-3 209 Fr. RS

WR 15 Daymond Patterson 5-9 173 Jr. 2L 20 D.J. Beshears 5-8 174 So. 1L

WR 24 Bradley McDougald 6-1 195 So. 1L 83 Chris Omigie 6-4 194 Fr. RS or 85 Rod Harris 6-0 211 Sr. SQ

FB 31 Steven Foster 6-1 257 Jr. 2L  38 Justin Puthoff 6-3 252 Fr. RS

RB 22 Angus Quigley 6-1 231 Sr. 3L 36 Deshaun Sands 5-7 190 Fr. RS or 6 Rell Lewis 5-9 205 Jr. 1L

QB 7 Kale Pick 6-1 208 So. 1L  2 Jordan Webb 6-0 210 Fr. RS


DE 94 Tyrone Sellers 6-3 230 Fr. RS or 90 Kevin Young 6-2 256 Fr. RS or 93 Quintin Woods 6-5 236 Sr. 1L

DT 97 Richard Johnson 6-3 283 Jr. 2L 71 John Williams 6-3 290 So. 1L

DT 92 Patrick Dorsey 6-0 273 Jr. 1L 64 Richard Dent 6-5 275 Fr. RS

DE 91 Jake Laptad 6-4 260 Sr. 3L 96 Keba Agostinho 6-3 253 Fr. HS

SLB 49 Drew Dudley 6-2 241 Sr. 3L 37 Brian Blackwell 5-11 211 Jr. SQ

MLB 45 Justin Springer 6-3 237 Sr. 3L 46 Steve Mestan 6-2 231 Fr. RS

WLB 52 Steven Johnson 6-1 237 Jr. 2L 57 Chea Peterman 6-0 212 Jr. SQ

NB 33 Tyler Patmon 5-11 180 Fr. RS 23 Ryan Murphy 6-0 185 Jr. 2L

CB 19 Isiah Barfield 5-11 185 Jr. 2L or 17 Calvin Rubles 6-3 205 Sr. 1L 5 Greg Brown 5-11 185 So. 1L

SS 44 Olaitan Oguntodu 6-0 218 Sr. 2L 4 Prinz Kande 6-0 194 Fr. RS

FS 1 Lubbock Smith 6-0 206 So. 1L 26 Phillip Strozier 5-11 205 Sr. 3L

CB 16 Chris Harris 5-10 190 Sr. 3L 30 Anthony Davis 5-11 205 Jr. 2L or 10 Corrigan Powell 5-11 180 So. SQ


First off, let's keep in mind that this is a first go.  Obviously the positions with the "or's" listed are probably a little up in the air still but some certainly look solid.

Offensively the first thing that jumps out is the fact that I was clearly DEAD wrong on the running back situation.  So much so that Toben Opurum has apparently been moved to the defensive side of the ball as has Keeston Terry.  Those are two position changes that come as a bit of a surprise but certainly both could could end up just as productive.  Terry could have been predicted, Opurum is a shock to me.

On the o-line the rumors of Capra to center and Zlatnik to guard are clearly true and it will be interesting to see if that lineup remains the same.  It's not often that you see a two year starter replaced, but it is a new staff and a fresh look.

The utility position is a new one, and I suspect it's an H-Back type role that will fit Steward, McNulty and most likely Mundine in the future.

Running back could still change quite a bit, but I'm surprised by this spot early on.  Glad to see Foster back at fullback after nearly hanging things up.  At receiver, plenty of depth and that's a good thing.

All in all, 15 underclassman listed on the offensive two deep and 14 upperclassman.

Defensively the upheaval doesn't seem to be quite as shocking.  Tyrone Sellers very clearly pushing Kevin Young for minutes certainly can't hurt the depth at the end position and true freshman Keba Agostinho on the strongside speaks to the camp he's reportedly had.

John Williams not starting is a small item of note, but he missed most of spring ball so not a complete surprise.

The big concern still has to be linebacker.  No matter how you feel about the starters, three walk ons listed at the #2 spot isn't a good thing.  Whether you are rooting for those guys, believe in them or whatever the case may be, there isn't going to be another Big 12 team touting three backup walkons at linebacker.

The backfield looks like a battle.  Some nice talent, Oguntodo making a move and some athletic players in Patmon and Barfield pushing for starting minutes. 

Total count on defense, 11 underclassman, 15 upperclassman.