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Rock Chalk Ramblings 8.19.10

Because finding a historical Kansas football photograph is more difficult than finding a frozen caveman for the Smithsonian, the "Haters gonna Hate!" Jayhawk leads the charge for the countdown(H/T to escaped labrat and KUGrad for this creation). 16 DAYS UNTIL GAMEDAY, and while we're at it...favorite #16's for the Jayhawks anyone?  Chris Harris doesn't count, yet.




KU changes makeup of athletic advisory board -
There has been some question as to how Gray Little's run at Kansas will affect athletics. Here's an early move of note. I'm slightly concerned.


Kansas: Beyond the Box Score Defensive Preview - Rock M Nation
Rock M Nation Previews the Kansas Defense


Kansas: Beyond the Box Score Offensive Preview - Rock M Nation
Rock M Nation Previews the Kansas Offense


In the Trenches with Brad Thorson - KANSAS OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Brad Thorson's Blog, a new term..."Surfing". I'm a HUGE fan.


Pair of downtown pep rallies approved /
Good stuff. Who doesn't love a little inflatable playground equipment.


Sources: BYU closing in on football independence - ESPN
This would be an interesting development.

Mountain West Conference extends invitations to Nevada, Fresno State - ESPN
With BYU apparently on the way out, the MWC makes a move to add. Not huge news, but what I would consider an aftershock to the quake earlier this summer and a possible tremor indicating that all is not over.

Titans’ Blount lands another punch | Titans Insider
Seriously? This guy hasn't learned anything from his past?

Auburn QB Cameron Newton thankful for second chance - ESPN
Why is this relevant? Because the guy almost went to K-State and I'm thankful that he did not.