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Biggest Winner From "THE DECISION" Might Be a Jayhawk

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After watching a portion of "The Decision" I think it's safe to say the hat presser won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  High Schoolers across the country take their cue from their idols and Lebron James just raised the bar and elevated the term ego to a new level. All in all, I hated the hype surrounding this, but I couldn't turn away.  What I didn't realize until a few moments after this was that it has a major impact on Kansas basketball. 

Mario Chalmers!!!  The hero of the 2008 National Title game, Mr. Clutch, Mario and his miracle, just indirectly inherited the GREATEST job in the NBA.  A Jayhawk, a great Jayhawk, will have the enviable situation and opportunity to play the role of point guard on a team with Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh.  Are you kidding me?  I could pick up a ball and fulfill that role.

Mario now gets to have every game on TV.  Mario will automatically be made to look like a solid role player at worst.  And if customary protocol holds true, Mario can grab a chunk of that hefty contract from Lebron in order to give up the #6 jersey to the King. 

If the Heat manage to win a few titles, Mario benefits.  He could even snag a bigger contract and a bigger role down the line elsewhere, but at the very least he'd have a ring and a pretty steady gig. 

If the Heat don't win, it's not his fault.  Mario wouldn't have to shoulder one ounce of the blame.  The Heat will be thin.  Chalmers will be looked to for support, but make no mistake this thing is on "Bron Bron", "DeWADE", and Chris Bosh.

Way to go Mario, way to go Miami and major props to Kevin Durant for signing a five year deal with the Thunder this week and celebrating with very little fanfare and taking a moment to thank god, and his family.  Somewhere David Stern is trying plotting and rigging next years playoffs, while Darnell Jackson's agent is calling Pat Riley who's suddenly in need of several role players at the league minimum.  Goodnight Jayhawks.