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Local Push?

In the world of football recruiting as soon as you say something, things have changed.  Not twenty minutes ago I made a comment that I wasn't fully convinced the Darrian Miller and Bernard Thomas visit tomorrow was something to get too worked up about.

I'm still cautious, but I'd say my interpretation of the situation has changed a bit.  As has been mentioned, earlier today Jayhawkslant reported that both Bernard Thomas and Darrian Miller would be on campus for an unofficial visit.  In the report, Thomas mentions that Coach Gill has become much more involved in the recruitment of the Blue Springs duo.  

Right now the stance is that Thomas plans to make a decision at the end of the month while Miller has no timeline.  The two plan to attend a camp at Arkansas and Thomas would like to camp at Tennessee as well.  In itself the visit of Miller and Thomas would raise an eyebrow but wouldn't be earth shattering in my opinion. 

Where it gets interesting is in two other confirmed visitors by our friend Dester30 from over at the Shiver.  In what has been dubbed by Dester as the recruiting summit, Jordan Nubine the third potential division one player from Blue Springs will visit, to go along with "The Beast from Bishop Miege", Phil Ford. 

Early on it was well documented how much Phil Ford wanted to play for Kansas and Miller was a big part of that.  The slow offer and Miller's decommitment seemed to put Minnesota in the drivers seat, but having all four on campus can't hurt the cause. 

Where things would get extremely interesting is if Kansas decides to surprise a few and offer Nubine.  Nubine has had an impressive summer on the camp circuit, the biggest challenge is he's very similar to a type of player that Kansas is very deep at.  If however, Kansas does decide to make that move, things could get interesting quickly. 

A Nubine offer would mean that the trio from Blue Springs could play together if they want and you can bet Phil Ford might start to reevaluate where he has Kansas in his pecking order as well.  Thomas and Miller on campus was good, Thomas, Miller, Ford and Nubine, is great. 

Will the "recruiting summit" rival the mysterious free agent summit held by Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh?  Could ESPN's special, "The Decision" be a decoy for a more important announcement on Thursday? Again, I'm very cautious, but tomorrow certainly can't hurt and does demonstrate that Kansas is still very active and open with this group.

Today's Turner Gill tweet of the day, "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." The freshman are on campus, the players are back from a July 4th break.  "Believe" is the team mantra this year and tomorrow might be a great time to make a big local push and swing a little more momentum the way of the Jayhawk in terms of recruiting.