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Kicking Off The Football Season With EA Sports

This week we've got something a little different and hopefully something you will find pretty exciting here at RCT. 

EA Sports approached us, the SB Nation college sites, and asked to sponsor a week's worth of posts leading up to the release of NCAA Football 2011 next Tuesday, July 13th.  EA isn't interested in telling us what to say, only in sponsoring the series designed to celebrate the diehard fans of the greatest sport in the world: college football. 

To make it even more fun, encourage all of you to participate and to show that this is all about the fans, I'm going to take a portion of the proceeds from EA Sports, and give away a FREE COPY of NCAA Football 2011 to one of the readers here at Rock Chalk Talk.

All you have to do to win?  Participate.  If you've been sitting on the sidelines, now might be a good time to join in the conversation.  The schedule of posts breaks down like this:

Monday: How I became a Kansas fan

Tuesday: All-Time Favorite Kansas FOOTBALL team.

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions. (tailgating recipes, games, traditions, superstitions, have at it)

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Jayhawk Footballers

Friday: Most Memorable Football Moments (games, plays, seasons, bowls)

Monday: Expectations for the 2010 Football Season

Tuesday: Christmas in July (winner announced, I ship the game)

I'll kick of each post with my story and where I come from. In order to enter your name into the hat for the game;

  1. tell your story in the comment section of each "Where I Come From" post.  This is what I mean by participate.
  2. Just to make this a little easier for me to track, send me an email ( if you plan on participating with your screen name and what system (Xbox, PS3 etc.) you would want the game for.

This should be a fun week, a chance to get to know the community a little better and provide a great way to kick off the final month and a half countdown to college football.  I look forward to hearing everybody's story out there and we'll kick things off this morning around 10am Central standard time.  See you then.