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Big 12 Media Days: Colorado

The interesting thing about the Buffaloes is they already seemed to have moved on and given up.  Dan Hawkins could be about as close to a lame duck head coach as there is in the Conference and his school and fanbase are already more excited for next year without snapping the ball on 2010.

Short of a major turnaround this could be it for the Big 12 intramural coach of the decade.  The problem for Colorado fans is the fact that Dan Hawkins has recruited well so at some point he might just stockpile enough talent to fall into enough wins where Mike Bohn keeps him around.

As far as Dan's reaction to the Pac10 talk, I'm not so sure his thoughts echo the sentiment of many in the Boulder area. 

People have asked a little about the comments about switching conferences. I would just say this: We're very focused on the Big 12, and really, more importantly, we're focused on Colorado State.

That for us is kind of in the future, and we're kind of -- you know how coaches are. You've heard enough of them up here, or you've dealt with them. It's always kind of a day-to-day fact.

The question since he's been the head man on campus is constantly surrounding the all important quarterback position.  With his job on the line, does Dan Hawkins have his man?

We'll see. I think we'll probably get through a couple of scrimmages there and give everybody really a chance to kind of compete and get going.

Then as you get two weeks out, typically before you play your first opponent, you kind of want to make sure that you kind of hone in on that.

We always -- as you know, coming to practice, we're not one of those outfits that ever give all the reps to the ones anyway. We're always trying to build some people underneath that. So either way, the other guy will still get some reps as well as the rest of the roster.

Confused?  You're not alone.  Sounds to me like Cody has a chance!

Looking for more fluff that doesn't reflect reality?  Look no further than Dan Hawkins answer into a question about moving on from last year.

We all know that. I asked them yesterday, I said, What's been the biggest difference between last year and this year? It has been -- it's been just a few little things. They're rolling. Their club's on fire, and they're doing a great job.

For us, that's been the whole concept.  Let's look at this thing from an objective standpoint of what's really affected the wins and losses. Can we clean this up? Can we be responsible for this?

So for our team, that's been the whole focus. So it hasn't always been so much a rallying as it has been pointing things out and learning and getting better.

I know we went around and state and did the little tour around the state with our coaching staff. Everybody is generally very fired up and understands and very supportive. I think all that's good.

Just my perception from the outside looking in and living in the area, there doesn't seem to be a fired up, very supportive attitude regarding anything but 2011 and a move to the Pac10.  If they could start playing Oregon State tomorrow, it seems like they would.

Personally I like Dan Hawkins, but that might be due to the fact that I have no vested interest in the Buffs winning at this point.  If he can finally get things moving in the right direction though, a fresh start and a new conference might be just what he needs.

Top 5 offseason plans for Dan Hawkins

  1. Prepare for the Pac10 Conference.  This is the goal.
  2. Coach little league baseball while reevaluating which intramural football team to coach.
  3. Seven years in Tibet.  Can you imagine the guy with a little Buddhist training.
  4. Multiple cameo's on comedy central's South Park.
  5. Joining Mike Gundy on a speaking tour to include notable press conference blow ups.

- Owen K(