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Big 12 Media Days: Oklahoma

Well the Jayhawks couldn't have picked a better day to step in front of the media.  With Oklahoma and Texas in the house things were most likely at a fever pitch.  Throw in an appearance by tweedle dee Dan Hawkins and what media member wouldn't want to be there.

Bob Stoops and the Sooners stepped to the podium immediately following the Jayhawks and they would certainly have the signs of being in a reload mode after seeing three players taken in the top five of last years NFL draft.  With that in mind the Sooners do return a weapon in running back Demarco Murray and he'll be looked to for production and leadership on the field.

really believe coming into this year, with his experience, his ability to not only run but to catch the ball out of the backfield, we hope he -- we really anticipate him having a really big year for us.

We're hoping in the line of similar to a guy like Adrian Peterson, that kind of opportunity to run the ball or have his hands on the ball that number of times is what we're hoping for.

You know, so we'll see. He needs support. But I really believe our offensive line has a chance to be better than what people think. If that happens, DeMarco has a chance to have a really good year, and I believe he will.

One of the big question marks as Stoops hinted at is on the offensive line.  The Sooners once again saw some turnover of a very solid group.  Still this isn't the first time someone has said that about the Sooner.  So how are they able to consistently product?  Recruit players that can jump into the role and Stoops talks a little about one that might ring a bell to Jayhawk fans.

We played last year without Donald Stephenson, who coming into the year was a guy that we felt was similar to Trent Williams in ability, and he's in the picture now.  So we have a chance to be better.

Donald Stephenson, just another in a list of "local" Kansas City/Kansas players that opted to jump the border to the South.

Top 5 Kansans/Kansas Citians on the Oklahoma Roster that sure would look nice in a Kansas uniform

  1. Blake Bell - QB
  2. Donald Stephenson - OT
  3. Geneo Grissom - DE
  4. Justin McCay - WR
  5. Jayden Bird - LB
  6. and because we need to change this...Marshall Musil - FB/H-Back

- Owen K(