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Arkansas Linebacker Jason Hensley Commits to Kansas

As mentioned earlier by Dester from the Shiver, Jason Hensley was in town today for a visit.  Hensley is a 6'2" 215 pound outside linebacker prospect from Arkansas in the 2011 class and as predicted it is being reported that he has committed.

Jayhawkslant is reporting that Hensley has given a verbal commitment to Kansas making for the second linebacker in the class and the 13th known commitment for 2011.  This is welcome news for Jayhawk fans out there wanting to see this position addressed in the upcoming class.

So far Gill and his staff have focused on the offensive line(6), defensive backfield(3), linebackers(2) and a few key skilled players they have been high on.  With the class most likely approaching 2/3rds full, defensive line would appear to be the one glaring hole yet to be addressed.  

Plenty of time left and Kansas and Gill have a great early start before the season even starts.