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Are The Jayhawks Still in the Market for an Offensive Lineman?

With six offensive lineman already committed to the 2011 class including Phil Ford, Damon Martin, Travis Bodenstein, Luke Luhrsen, Bryan Peters and Nick Johnson, could the Jayhawk staff have more in mind?

Today Phil Ford was back on campus for another visit and an opportunity for his mother to meet Coach Gill.  All signs point to the visit being another strong reinforcement of his initial commitment to the Jayhawks. 

An interesting tidbit surfaced during the course of his visit and it actually has to do with who else was visiting and who else might be visiting.  Carter Wall, an offensive lineman prospect out of Richmond Texas was in for a visit.  At face value this doesn't mean a whole lot, Wall has had the visit scheduled for some time. 

In fact Wall has long listed Mizzou as a leader and to some extent it's been a bit of a question mark as to if the Jayhawks would have room for Wall.

That's where the other bit of news makes things interesting.  Dylan Admire, the Kansas City offensive guard prospect who has been committed to Nebraska for some time decommitted today according to  In doing so he listed Kansas as a school he would definitely visit and appears to be very interested in Kansas based on the quotes. 

Connect the dots and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for Kansas to continue recruiting these two players unless they are willing to take one or both.  This could mean Kansas already sees a future at defensive tackle for one of these players or perhaps some of the players committed.  Another possibility, Turner Gill and his staff are determined to avoid a depth problem on the offensive line during their watch.

Coming up tomorrow, Day 1 recap and thoughts from Big 12 media days.