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RCT Hallworthy Thread Nominations

So this is the one where we ignore the quality of the post but instead focus on the expanding upon it.  A "Hallworthy" thread is a game thread or comment section surrounding any given post that took on a life of it's own. 

A good example, when we had the Bensa National Anthem Post, KUGrad had a field day in the comments making that thread in itself a worthy nominee. 

There are certainly others, so feel free to think back and nominate your favorite.

On a quick programming note, we'll vote this afternoon on the 5 member inductions based on the nominees.  Those five will help makeup the selection committee for the other three categories and from there we'll have our first induction "catch up" class for the Hall. 

After that it's football time.  We're one week away from training camp, Big 12 media days start today so we'll have recap coverage and football talk starting tomorrow here at RCT and hopefully it doesn't end until well into December or even early January. 

I also have a few other minor housekeeping issues to wrap up including the final T-Shirt designs for the RCT store, the free T's for the ideas that were selected and we'll be kicking off our first "Gameday Jersey" contest here before football season as well.  Plus, North Dakota State tailgate anyone?  I might have to make that trip to ring in the new era.