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RCT Hall of Fame "Member" Nominations

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Day two of the RCT Hall of Fame nominations and today we focus on the members.  You, me and those that have come and gone(sherroncollinsisthebestandilovehim).

These are those readers, contributors, commenters etc. that have stood out as legends in our own minds here at RCT.  No self promotion on this one, give us your nominee and a reason why. 

In addition, if anyone has any thoughts on the best way to widdle down the nominees to the true inductees that would be a welcome suggestion.  If the nominees are just a small number we might induct all since we're playing catchup to kick this thing off, but if we have a bunch...we need a way to pick the best of the best and keep this thing of the high caliber it deserves. 

My sarcasm font doesn't seem to be working this morning^^^. 

Anyway, let's have at it.  Put your nominations for Hall of Fame Member inductions into the comments after the jump.