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RCT Hall of Fame Nominations

Next week we kick off the football season with Big 12 media days.  Today we kick off the Rock Chalk Talk Hall of Fame. 

For those that have been around you probably have heard the rumblings for some time.  The Hall rests on the right hand navigation bar mid way down the site and has been under construction mostly because there hasn't been a moment to breath until today.

Today we'll kick it off with catch up nominations for "Hall of Fame Posts"

These can be fanposts, fanshots or stories that have been either top notch in terms of quality, humor, ridiculousness or whatever measure you choose to go by.  Search back in the archive if you'd like, if you need help remembering where a specific post might have occurred throw a question in the comments and we'll see who has a better memory.

Going forward we'll do this more often and keep current with a twice a year nomination process, but right now it's catchup time.  For now, put your nominations in the comments of this post and once we have a few we'll figure up a way to vote.  From there you can use the Hall of Fame Post page to look back on the moments, comment further and relive the memories.

So, Let's get em out there, your Rock Chalk Talk "Hall of Fame Post" nominations.