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Rock Chalk Talk T-Shirt Voting

Rockchalktalk_mediumFirst off thanks to everyone for the various ideas. I'm going to keep a running list because while some of these aren't necessarily the first shirt we might make, the process will be ongoing and I could see us expanding for certain rivalry games, joke oriented shirts etc.

That said, the polls are open. We'll run this through the weekend. If anyone has any last minute ideas, feel free to add them in the comments. I'm thinking of shooting for the top 3 or so on this, but we'll see.

From there I'll work with my people and hopefully we can get this launched in a reasonably quick and orderly fashion. The goal is to get these up and available in plenty of time for North Dakota State.

Just as an FYI, I know some of these ideas were from contributors/authors of the site. With that in mind my plan for the free shirt if those are selected will be to do a random drawing based on those who contributed an idea. Also, in general I hope to start doing more contest that might include a free t-shirt, maybe a jersey and different things around here to keep things fun. Thanks again and vote away!!