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Standout Duos: Todd Reesing and Kerry Meier


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This week at Rock Chalk Talk Labatt Blue Light asked to sponsor a post about a pair of Jayhawks who stand out as a prime example of a standout out duo just like the Blue Light Refreshment Duo.  Considering we've just had one of our own sign with the Canadian football leagues Saskatchewan Roughriders it seems like a no brainer that Todd Reesing would be included.  As for his partner in crime, his dynamic duo counterpart and consummate teammate, look no further than Kerry Meier.  

During their time at Kansas, Reesing and Meier connected with each other 226 times in a little over two and a half seasons.  After relinquishing his starting quarterback role to Reesing in 2007, Meier would make the move to receiver/backup quarterback for his final three seasons with the Jayhawks.  In that time Meier would record over 2300 receiving yards and finish at 2nd all time in the Kansas record book.

As for Reesing, his ability to step into the quarterback role as a true sophomore, lead a Kansas football program to it's highest point in history is reflected by the fact that he leaves the Jayhawks and heads North of the border with nearly every all time passing and total offensive production record in hand.

Perhaps the most memorable moment between this outstanding duo came at the tail end of the 2008 regular season as the Jayhawks faced off against hated rival and the 12th ranked team in the country, the Missouri Tigers

A back and forth battle in the cold and snow of Arrowhead stadium came to a head with a 4th down play outside the redzone where Kansas was faced with a do or die scenario. 

Some might say this is living in the past, but what a game and what a duo this was.  Without Todd Reesing and Kerry Meier, Kansas football would have had a tough time pulling off many of the achievements during the three year run from 2007-2009.  Besides, if I'm going to kick back with a Labatt somewhere in Saskatchewan with a certain undersized QB from Kansas, I think I'd prefer him tell me the story of this play more than any from his time as a Jayhawk.