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Non Conference Game Times Announced

Some good news for many of you who HATE the 11am start.  Looks like Kansas has just one 11am kickoff and that's Georgia Tech.  If you can't get out of bed and get excited for that one, there is something wrong with you. 

The other three will kick at 6 and 7pm respectively and even better news for those like myself who reside out of state...all will be televised.

Date                      Opponent                                    Time            TV

Sept. 4              NORTH DAKOTA STATE                    6 p.m.          FCS

Sept. 11            GEORGIA TECH                                11 a.m.        FSN

Sept. 17 (Fri.)     at Southern Mississippi                      7 p.m.         ESPN

Sept. 25            NEW MEXICO STATE                         6 p.m.         FCS

                        (K-Club Weekend)