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Big 10, Pac 10 Realignment

UPDATE #1:  Hold on to your hats.  CU Regents meeting in a not so "secret" meeting tonight and reportedly the University is expected to make a MAJOR announcement tomorrow.  

I guess we better start to hope there is either something going on behind the scenes or that CU is where it ends. 

UPDATE #2: H/T to Mitchum for the fanshot, but in the interest of keeping everything consolidated here's a reposting of his link on Fox Sports rumored proposal to keep the Big 12 intact. 

Also of note, Chip Brown...the one who originally broke the Pac10 story with the Big 12 is saying that it could be just Utah and CU headed to the Pac 10 now.

UPDATE #3: The Nebraska to the Big 10 talk seems to be gaining the most momentum at the moment, yet they apparently haven't yet received an invite?  Beyond that it's interesting that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of Missouri talk anymore unless it is as a last resort.  Still a pretty good chance however when you consider they are viewed as a last resort to ND declining which has always seemed most likely the outcome of that courtship.

UPDATE #4: This Chip Brown feller who seems to be the one everyone is trusting says Notre Dame is on the clock.  One would think the clock strikes midnight sometime Thursday if Nebraska and Missouri have to announce by Friday.  I could live with that timeline, but something tells me this could continue to drag on.

UPDATE #5: I'm not a huge fan of Tigerboard but they are all lending a lot of credibility to the poster here.  Apparently he is a mod and has laid out what he believes is about to happen and has heard.  Not sure it means anything, but it's about all that has come out on the Missouri side of things.  LINK

Chicago Tribune article somewhat supporting the gradual expansion of the Big 10.  Basically says their hand was forced, they are going to add Nebraska quickly and then reevaluate.  Seems Texas may have accomplished there goal with the Chip Brown, Orangebloods, Pac10 talk.

Now let's ADD Air Force!!  That's one more game a year I can see close to home!!

LATEST FROM 'OL Chip BROWN:  "Source close to the Nebraska Board of Regents told the regents met informally Wednesday and have agreed to move to the Big Ten and that a formal announcement Nebraska is leaving will come Friday.

Sources close to Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech have suggested to over the last week that if Nebraska leaves, the Big 12 can't be saved.

One of the reasons given for Nebraska's importance to the league is because the relationship between Missouri and the rest of the Big 12 has soured beyond repair.

And to complicate matters for Missouri, the Tigers appear to be falling down the list of priorities for the Big Ten.

An athletic director with knowledge of the Big Ten said, "Missouri is getting cold shoulder from Big Ten."

Joe Schad of ESPN reported Wednesday that the Big Ten list of interest for expansion goes like this: 1) Notre Dame 2) Nebraska 3) Rutgers and/or Maryland."

and boom goes the dynamite