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Rock Chalk Talk T-Shirt Contest


Ok, ok...let's get this thing off the ground finally.  It's time to get a few t-shirt's up and going at the Rock Chalk Talk store and I'm looking for ideas.  What is it that you all want?

We're only two months away from football season and I'm thinking we need to have something for KUGrad(and others) to wear to the games. 

What I'm looking for is ideas, phrases, pictures, whatever.  They can revolve around players, rivals, games or even a certain new coastline that eliminates the states of North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri.

We'll compile the best ideas, vote and I'll make a few of these happen for your ordering pleasure. 

If your idea is selected...I'll give you the T-Shirt for free, sound like a deal?

With that in mind, have at it.