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A Big 12 With Ten Teams and a Big 10 With Twelve?

With the addition of the Huskers the Big 10+1 has now bumped to twelve. This means they sit a full two integers above their namesake. With the departure of Nebraska and Colorado the Big 12 has now dropped to ten and all appeared lost in terms of salvaging anything longterm for the conference.

Well, that appears to have potentially changed. Top to bottom, from Chip Brown to KUSports to ESPN and the Kansas City Star, momentum seems to be picking up for the Big 12 continuing on as a ten team conference.

With all the doomsday scenario's that Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor and Iowa State have faced over the last week this would certainly seem like a fairly positive outcome when all is said and done. The reports are indicating that the conference on life support a week ago has been brought back to life by a new television deal which will bring the revenue sharing to a much higher level as well as provide Texas the opportunity to have it's own network if they so choose.

Here's the question. With all the talk about A&M to the SEC and the excitement that ensued following the reported meeting between the Pac 10 and Kansas, is this the best option? Do you want the Big 12 to remain viable? It's certainly better than going to the Mountain West, but how committed is Missouri at this point and is Texas A&M prepared to stand down and let the Longhorns once again run the show?

If the Big 12 survives it will be in the context of a dysfunctional family. A week ago it was a free for all to get out while the getting was good and let the leftovers fend for themselves. Now we're expected to believe that the Texas and Oklahoma schools once ready to bolt are committed to the well being of us lowly Big 12 North schools? It's been a long road and there will likely be more turns, I'm just not sold on the most recent possibility even though it might present the safest scenario for Kansas in the short term.

UPDATE: ESPN Reporting that Texas to the Pac 10 is imminent and the last ditch attempt by Dan Beebe has "zero" chance at succeeding. Tough to know who to believe in this thing.

UPDATE 2: And the Big 12 being saved train continues to pick up steam.

FINAL UPDATE: Could be. Texas and Texas A&M have both confirmed that they will remain in the Big 12. One would assume this would solidify the rest. Now the question as to how long this solidifies the conference and if 10 is the magic number or if they might target more for expansion.

Regardless, this would certainly seem to indicate that Kansas still has a home.