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Report: Pac 10 Commissioner Kansas City Bound.

The Pac 10 plane has scheduled it's next flight segment and it goes from Austin Texas to Kansas City International.  With A&M apparently ready for the jump to the SEC this could be good news for Kansas.

At the same time this could mean anything.  It could mean they are meeting Mizzou officials, Kansas officials or something completely different.  I've got an eye on the flight plan so we'll see what if anything changes but takeoff is scheduled for 8pm.  It's going to be a wild week.

UPDATE: Matt Tait from is headed to the airport and claims his sources say the plane is in the air, on the way and planning to meet with Lew Perkins.  Lew has an opportunity to pull a Lloyd Christmas and "totally redeem" himself if this is true.

UPDATE #2: The Houston Chronicle now also reporting that A&M is likely SEC bound.