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Texas A&M to the SEC?

All indicators point to Texas, Texas Tech, OSU and OU heading to the Pac 10 next week.  The lone holdout appears to be Texas A&M who seems far more interested in breaking away from Texas and heading to the SEC, 

This appears to be the best opportunity for the Jayhawks as some reports are beginning to surfacing linking the final spot to either Kansas or A&M and not Utah for the final spot.  Could be good news.  Guess we'll see.

UPDATE #1:  Mentioned a little bit already, but more A&M to SEC talk and now the report is coming from this Chip Brown feller that everyone seems to have appointed the king of Texas insider knowledge.  He's been on target so far so I guess we'll see.

The negative to this is that the Utah folks now seem pretty positive that they are the ones getting that last Pac 10 invite taking the conference to 16. 

With the Pac 10 at 16 do other dominoes start to fall?  Does the SEC become an option?  Does the Big 10 go East and go bigger? Or are we destined for the Mountain West no matter how things shake out?

UPDATE #2: Here's an article from Chip Brown late yesterday.  A little more detail on the talks between the SEC and A&M.  Also a quick snippet about Kansas being slightly ahead of Utah in the Pac10 talks.

UPDATE #3: Fairly big news out there as the Aggies rivals site and the man, the myth, the legend Chip Brown are both reporting that A&M to the SEC is now a done deal.  It's going to be a VERY interesting week and Kansas would now appear to be in the discussion with a few of these scenario's finally.

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