Report: Kansas AD Lew Perkins Sets Retirement Date Effective End Of The 2010-2011 School Year


Kansas Athletics Director Lew Perkins has announced his retirement, effective September 4, 2011. With this announcement, Perkins released the following statement:

"I have loved my time here at the University of Kansas and I will continue leading Kansas Athletics over the course of the next year.

Even though I knew it was possible, it's still a surprise:

Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins is set to resign from Kansas University effective with the end of the 2010-2011 school years, sources have told the Lawrence Journal-World and

With the Mark Mangino situation, the ticket scandal and then the blackmail case (of which he was cleared of any wrongdoing), I can see how this might be the end game.

Perkins has been one of the most successful ADs in Kansas history in terms of raising money so some figured he would be able to stick around because of that. Apparently not.

It's certainly interesting timing considering the recent moves with conference expansion. Hard not to believe that had something to do with it.

No official word yet from anyone affiliated with Kansas or whether this was Perkins' decision. Update: KU makes it official in a press release. September 4, 2011 is his last day.

Thanks to Joel Thorman managing editor of the future SBNation Kansas City for keeping an eye out. Also H/T to Bensa...he was all over this with a fanshot at the beginning.

- Denver