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Big 10, Pac 10 Realigment Part II

As many have pointed out and Chyladin has now posted in a fanshot, the Colorado to the Pac10 is now considered a done deal. Chyladin's Fanshot,

With that in mind Kansas fans continue to watch anxiously and I think that things start to move quickly here if they are indeed going to blow up.  The last thread was getting a little lengthy so it seems appropriate to open up a new one and continue the ongoing conversation as we wait to see the fallout.

UPDATE #1: As many have pointed out.  Reports now picking up some momentum that Oklahoma State will be the next to announce and the rest of the South minus Baylor will be following soon.

UPDATE #2: Two more unsubstantiated rumors to get your day going.  Reports on an Oklahoma City television station that OU is trying to make a move to the SEC to go along with the already many reports that A&M might prefer the SEC to the Pac10.  Good news for us, but I think the remnants of the Big 12 have to be attractive enough that the Pac10 wants to continue greater expansion in order to help us. Some of the talk has centered around Kansas or Utah being the sixth and final invite in this scenario.

And on a side not, if you get a chance to listen to coach Self's presser from last night.  It should help talk you off the ledge.

ESPN Reporting that Boise State will join the Mountain West.  Not a huge domino but interesting considering the reason they didn't originally invite Boise State was the fact that the MWC wanted to see how things panned out in the Big 12. 

Hopefully this means that we and other potential remnants of the Big 12 have a better fate in the works.

Link to yesterday's discussion.