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Summer has Arrived

Summer is officially here and we're just a few days away from the football team reporting for summer workouts and what amounts to a pretty important two month stretch for Kansas football.  Summer conditioning programs, summer camps and the recruiting that goes with it will set the table so to speak for what we have to come.  

As far as what we have coming here at RCT, we've got football, recruiting, NBA draft, NFL training camps, and obviously the contining discussion on anything Kansas good or bad.

It's going to be a long two months before football so I encourage anyone and everyone to jump in with a fanpost or fanshot if there is something you see, hear or want to talk about.  Dester has taken the lead lately with a little bit of a "state of the recruiting" series of late, but please anyone feel free to jump in. 

Also, there will also be a little bit of news coming in the near future related to Rock Chalk Talk and the greater SB Nation locally in the KC area.  Check it out, Monday June 14th at the 75th street Brewery.

On that note, I have one last thought for the day.  A quote from Turner Gill pulled from a KUSports article about the focus on in-state recruiting.

"Getting in-state talent, we’re going to make sure we recruit those (Kansas) guys and we want ’em all here."

- Coach Gill

I just found this tidbit interesting considering our discussion here early on and the fact that the staff has been behind on a few from the get go.  Glad to see this as a point of emphasis, whether it's 100% true or not.