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First Official 2010 Depth Chart

Take this for what it's worth as it's very early, but we've got a depth chart so it could be a fun day of what ifs.  The Jayhawks went through the majority of spring with a pretty fluid chart and honestly it didn't seem terribly important to the players or the coaches to come up with a hard and fast "depth chart" during that timeframe. 

Now that spring is a wrap and the coaches are on the recruiting trail, it does appear they took a few minutes at the very least to sit down, compare notes and come up with the who's who on the offense and defense.  Biggest item of QB1.  My thoughts after the jump, but for your viewing pleasure.  The depth chart.

Offense 1st Team 2nd Team
QB Kale Pick (SO) OR Jordan Webb (FR)
FB Justin Puthoff (FR)
Steven Foster (JR)
RB Angus Quigley (SR)
Deshaun Sands (FR)
WR Jonathan Wilson (SR)
Christian Matthews (FR)
WR Daymond Patterson (JR)
D.J. Beshears (SO)
WR Bradley McDougald (SO)
Chris Omigie (FR)
TE Tim Biere (JR)
A.J. Steward (JR)
LT Tanner Hawkinson (SO)
Riley Spencer (FR)
LG Sal Capra (SR)
Duane Zlatnik (SO)
C Jeremiah Hatch (JR)
Alex Smith (SR)
RG Trevor Marrongelli (SO)
Micheal Martinovich (JR)
RT Brad Thorson (SR)
Jeff Spikes (JR)


Defense 1st Team 2nd Team
DE Jake Laptad (SR)
Travis Stephens (JR)
DT Patrick Dorsey (JR)
Jamal Greene (SR)
DT Richard Johnson Jr (JR)
Darius Parish (SO)
DE Kevin Young (FR)
Quinton Woods (SR)
SLB Steven Johnson (JR)
Jacoby Thomas (FR)
MLB Justin Springer (SR)
Drew Dudley (SR)
WLB Huldon Tharp (SO)
Josh Richardson (FR)
CB Calvin Rubles (SR)
Greg Brown (SO)
SS Phillip Storizer (SR)
Olaitan Oguntodo (SR)
FS Lubbock Smith (SO)
Prinz Kande (FR)
CB Chris Harris (SR)
Isiah Barfield (JR)

First Glance Takeaways

  • No Toben Opurum in the backfield?  Interesting.  Was Angus that impressive or did Toben take a step back.  Either way I think the spot is WIDE open and the competition this fall will definitely include Brandon Bourbon and James Sims.  Bourbon ran a 4.38 the other day.
  • Freshman walkon beats out Steven Foster at fullback.  The beginning of a new trend or a motivational tool.
  • Glad to see Riley Spencer and Duane Zlatnik make the two deep on the offensive line.
  • Kevin Young as the starting end over Woods.  Might Woods be a more situational player for us while Young is capable of being an every down type guy. 
  • No offense to Pat Dorsey or Richard Johnson, but I hope we don't end up with those two starting at DT come fall.  Not that they aren't capable, but that means we start TWO undersized players at the position while two monsters make up the second line.  Maybe a blend of the four would work?
  • If Justin Springer is improved as has been reported, the linebacker unit in place is probably as good as we can hope for.  I think this can be a serviceable unit, just not very deep and very young after the starters.
  • Safety.  Kande backing up Smith.  I thought there was a chance we see these two side by side.  I'm not a huge believer in Strozier but he is a senior so perhaps he can step up this year.
  • I like what we have at corner, jury is still out on everyone except Harris though.  I'm just hopeful this doesn't continue to be a revolving door.  I'm perfectly fine with changes between now and opening kick, but once we get going I hope we allow these guys the opportunity to learn and grow.  Obviously if somethings broken you have to fix it, I just hope we don't have the overreaction that has been customary with these guys.