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Jayhawk Weekend Roundup

Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe at Bengals minicamp
Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe at Bengals minicamp

After a two day hiatus spent tearing my kitchen down to the subfloors and bare walls I'm back in as good a fashion as one can be while managing a complete kitchen remodel with a 10 month old infant.  

That said, there were a few items of interest and a few thoughts on said items as we kick off another week in the long summer without Jayhawk sports to hold us over.  May-August, the longest months of the year.

  • Terrence Jones to Washington...?  or maybe Kentucky.  It appears that Coach Cal isn't taking no for an answer.  He's still making a hard push for Jones and Jones has apparently yet to sign his LOI to Washington.  I sure am glad our coach and program don't appear so desperate.
  • Why aren't we?  Mario Little and Travis Releford.  It's great to be a fan of a team where when we miss on a top 15 talent, there isn't a sense of desperation.  Mario Little will be a senior and someone who clearly has a lot of emotion and buy in with the Jayhawk program.  Just look at his reaction following the UNI loss.  With Releford we have a player that showed very RAW talent in his freshman year and now two seasons later will be a redshirt sophomore that could be a very fun player to watch develop.  Terrence Jones would have been fun, but Travis Releford might make a much bigger connection and impact with Kansas and the fans than Jones could have ever hoped to.
  • Conference Realignment?  KG has pointed this out a few times in the last few days.  Personally, I still haven't wrapped my head around this thing.  I just can't imagine a scenario where Kansas is left out completely, but those appear to be the only scenario's that exist. 
  • Bengals minicamp has been ongoing and early returns on Dezmon Briscoe are mixed.  On the one hand he's missed a day with a groin injury and reportedly is overweight.  On the other side of the coin some feel he has looked good enough that he could compete for the #3 receiver position come fall.  I hope the latter is true.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers have also been plugging along as has Justin Thornton. No final word yet on the results of his time with the Steelers but he's been pushing hard all weekend and appears upbeat about the opportunity.
  • Recruiting Tidbits:  As Mitchum pointed out, Darrian Miller was a stud at the midwest combine taking on anyone and everyone and for the most part embarrassing them.  The word is he's a four star talent no questions asked, might slip to a five...wouldn't that be a hell of a start to things.
  • Jordan Phillips.  In case you missed my comment in the fanshot, he has been offered by Kansas and I'm working to find some free time in his schedule for an interview.  He's a pretty busy guy.
  • Jayhawk Invitational.  Just about any and every player of substance around the country was in Lawrence this weekend for a little basketball tourney they hold annually.  Can't hurt recruiting efforts to get kids on campus for a free look at things/
  • Last but not least, the ticket scandal.  More on this as it develops but it sounds like the reach of the basketball ticket scandal was more than just one person.  Hopefully this ends soon and comes to a good conclusion.  Certainly something to keep an eye on.

So that's that.  A little bit of a lazy way for me to start the week, but there were definitely plenty of Jayhawk related tie ins this weekend that might be worth some discussion if anyone has any insight, thoughts or opinions on the matter.