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Recruiting Chatter: Darrian Miller

First off thanks to Mitchum for being on top of the news for all of us here and posting.  Obvious credit to the Slant for breaking this.  Real quick a couple quotes from Darrian in a follow up conversation I had with him.  Not sure how I feel about our chances, take it for what it's worth. I would say I definitely still wish the kid the best, and he ends up you have to respect his decision to make sure it's the right choice.

On what changed to lead to the "de-commitment"

"It's not that I'm not feeling Kansas because i still am. My mom and I were just really wanting to make sure there is no place better for me and no place that i would feel the same with like i did at Kansas."

On the chances of ending up with the Jayhawks in the end

"Yeah for sure. Coach Gill and I were on the phone today and I told him we could most definitely end up together in the end"

Thoughts on how the staff felt about the situation and whether they indicated if they would be evaluating other backs while he was looking around at other schools.

"Coach Gill was understanding about things..but Coach Mitchell seemed kinda uneasy about it." 

"Having to look at other running back options was mentioned and i told them i understood what has to be done."