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Recruit, recruit...recruit

Is it August yet?  Unfortunately the answer is no, but we are creeping ever closer to a series of camps hosted by Turner Gill and the football Jayhawks.  Camps will begin on June 6th with a skills camp and include a one day o-line/d-line camp as well as a QB academy hosted by Chuck Long and Turner Gill.  9 camps in all, including one 7 on 7 tournament on the 19th.  Sorry fellas, only 9th-12th graders allowed for this one so there won't be a RCT team.

As far as the camps, obviously not every one of these camps is about recruiting, but a few of them do help.  A few of the camps will provide some of those local on the fence players an opportunity to impress and hopefully snag an offer.  It also provides an ideal time to get some future and current recruits back on campus and thinking about Jayhawk football. 

Every year it seems Kansas pulls in a few commitments around this time and with that in mind along with dester30's "Most exciting incoming freshman" fanpost I thought I'd throw something out there for conversation at this slow time of year.  Something to keep the football juices flowing.

What is THE most desirable quality in a recruit?  This can be different for different positions so feel free to expand on your thoughts, but in general if you are on the recruiting trail, looking at film and putting together a team, what do you want to build with? 

Take it how you will and be as general or as detailed as you like.  If there is one thing and one thing only for you let's hear it.  If you want something a little different at each position, let's hear that.  You're the head man, you're divvying up the offers and putting together your team...what's it look like?