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Rock Chalk Talk Time Machine

That's how we roll at RCT.  Our Delorean has a lift and big ass tires.  Just don't turn sharply at 88 MPH or you could roll this SOB and end up in a universe where Chase Daniel was 6'4" and not fat.
That's how we roll at RCT. Our Delorean has a lift and big ass tires. Just don't turn sharply at 88 MPH or you could roll this SOB and end up in a universe where Chase Daniel was 6'4" and not fat.

It's Friday!!!  What better way to dive into the weekend than a little fun.  Yesterday KUGrad pulled out a few quotes from the RCT archives that proved a little comical knowing what we know today. With that in mind I jumped into my Delorean, pushed it to 88 MPH and set my fluxcapacitor to April 2009. 

What I've returned with after a brief detour through 1988, 2007 and 2008 just for kicks, is a year in review.   A year in review of memorable quotes, notes and comments from the RCT community that turned out prophetic and in in some instances, a little foolish. 

In the interest of keeping these manageable it will be a three part series.  Part one will be April through August 2009...otherwise known as the slow time of the year for Kansas sports.

All in good fun, enjoy and hopefully this next year won't include so many unpredictable twists in the Jayhawk sports world.

March 2009 - End of the season, beginning of football

From the Linebacker section of the Spring Defensive Football preview.

Two wild cards will be Angus "Beef" Quigley and Steven Foster who both made the move from running back.  I'm honestly pumped about both these moves and if they can pick up the position they will be great for the position. 

- Denver

Yes, because that really turned out to be two of the best moves ever?


From the comment section of "It's football time" in response to Este and the Jocques Crawford talk.

KC and I were on the Crawford bandwagon very shortly after the season and from practice reports it sounds like we may end up being right but just as you say it has to show up on the field first.

- Denver

Another player blowing up in the face of expectations.  I blame KC for this one.


APRIL 2009 - Recruiting, Football and a long summer of prognosticating ahead.

SweedishHamma makes a profound statement while watching the McD's All Star game.  Should've seen UNC's troubles coming after this one.

The Wear twins look terrible.

They did suck, did they not?


Snakeman in the discussion of teams in the mix for '09-'10

Count Syracuse out, Devendorf and Harris are hiring agents and Flynn is going to stay in the draft if he is top 10 which is a distinct possibility.

A Brief Exchange between Denver and Danny Satan on Duke.  Damn we were brilliant.

I would say right now the teams that return the most are going to be...Kansas, Michigan State and then maybe Duke

- Denver

Duke could be dangerous next year if Henderson comes back, which he most likely will.

- Danny Satan

Duke’s strategy to recruit four year players might finally pay off.

- Denver

June/July 2009 - the long summer

Warden during the Xavier/CJ drama...not prediction related, but necessary.

Is there a door we can watch?

Labba on the Kansas interior line being able to shutdown Suh...we didn't win, but Suh didn't either.  Nice call Labba.

we probably have the best one-on-one match-up between DT and C in the Big XII. If we can at least mitigate the Suh effect in the Nebraska game it will go a long way in terms of shredding the remaining defenders on the Nebraska side of the ball.

KG in response to the "Underrated Problem" series related to the football team.  Plenty of sarcasm in the original comment, but how true it turned out to be.

Now I’m convinced we’ve got problems all over the place, and we’re doomed. DOOMED!!!

Yes...Yes we were KG.


Denver on the Defensive End position.  A year changes a lot of things and I clearly overestimated this one.

This is a position that I feel we are building extremely well for future success...

Fetch on the Corn being picked over Kansas by the media in the preseason football poll.

Team with no Quarterback > Team with Heisman candidate at QB. Apparently.

Apparently Yes!

August 2009 - Football Begins

Rivet talks running back depth and Toben

I’d hate to waste a year of Toben’s talent doing a stint as the backup RB. If Sharp is the Man and Lewis and Porter can back him, give the redshirt to Toben.

The bad news is we did waste a redshirt.  The good news is it wasn't as the backup.  Toben led the team.


Rock Chalk Talk Community Poll for who they think will win the starting guard positions.

37% Marrongelli, Williams
18 votes

Guess we all fail on this one. 


Geneo Grissom talks Kansas

I just decided KU was the perfect fit.

Apparently not Geneo?  Apparently Bill Miller was the perfect fit...I'm not bitter.

Este on which DT will make the biggest impact

Went with Zlatnik, I guess the hype has got me too, it would be great for a youngster to really make an impact too.

In Este's defense, I'll take some of the blame.  I was banging the Zlatnik drum before the move to offense.


From the Magino files via Denver.  Thornton back to safety.

Sounds like the coaches have been so happy with the developments at corner, that Justin Thornton is working at safety.

Probably more a product of Mangino's affinity for position changes than any confidence at Corner as we later found out.


RC's football preview prediction.  Hard to give him too much because I'm pretty sure we were all around the same line of thought.

9-3 It's just enough to beat out Nebraska via tiebreaker to make it to the Big 12 Championship Game, wherever it's being played, only to lose by a large margin. But for all of our troubles we get sent to the Holiday Bowl, where we beat Pac 10 Team X.


Labba's follow up

You really think we'll lose to TT and OU? I think we'll win one of the two

Surprise Labba...Iowa State is our only win in conference.


Rolo on the defensive line play headed into '09

I'm really excited about the defensive line. I have a feeling we are finally going to get some pressure on the QB from the line position which will ease the burden on the linebackers and D-backs.

Oh rolo...I wish you had been right.


MaxHawk on Vernon Brooks

Brooks is coming on like gangbusters since his return from family leave. I predict by the time Big 12 play rolls around he’ll be starting somewhere in the LB mix.

Again, I wish this had been right.


TKELuke on his excitement for the season

We are going to give Texas and OU all they can handle!