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Dezmon Briscoe to the Bengals

I'll be honest, I'm a little surprsed by this.  I felt at the beginnig that Briscoe was a 4th rounder, but I also thought he had a chance to go higher if several teams went after wideouts.  There were plenty of wideouts taken. Plenty with far less fanfare during the season than Briscoe.  Just goes to show that character and measurables matter a great deal in the NFL and Dezmon likely left to many question marks in both areas.  

In the end Briscoe goes in the SIXTH round to the Cincinnati Bengals.  Not sure another year could have done anything to improve his stock, but it certainly raises questions, especially going this late.  He's a football player on the field but with so much talent and depth in today's draft, you can't give teams a reason to look elsewhere.

As a fan I definitely feel for Briscoe.  He's a person who made some young mistakes, but in the past season he seems to have matured.  The good news is that this late, it's about going to the right situation, I believe the Bengals present that opportunity.   I'm optimistic that Briscoe can make a decent career in the NFL, and I certainly think he's a good value this late, but he has to go to work everyday looking to prove everyone wrong.  

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