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Bring on the HATS!!

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Sometime between 8pm eastern standard time and approximately 2 hours later Kansas will learn the fate of two recruits who are listing Kansas as a finalist.  Both Josh Selby and Doron Lamb are expected to announce tonight and be prepared, there will be HATS!!! 

We all know the Jayhawks history with the hat pressers, it's not good.  The feeling was last year Kansas could break the curse with Xavier Henry.  Technically that wasn't the case.  When hats were involved, Henry chose Memphis.  The Kansas selection?  No hats. 

Tonight Kansas has a chance to break that curse once again.  The chatter around the world wide web is Selby to Kansas, Lamb to Kentucky and a new twist, Terrance Jones seriously considering the Jayhawks? 

Jones isn't expected to announce tonight but after tonight and after Selby, Kansas could jump into the sweepstakes for the 6'8" 220 pound power forward.  Similarities are being drawn to Julian Wright early on, though Jones is looked at as a more legitimate outside threat and a better defender. 

Jones recruitment aside, tonight is about landing Selby.  That's step one and that alone is a big boost to the Jayhawks.  Here's hoping the curse of the hat presser doesn't strike again.  Kansas is expected to land Selby and should a Tennessee or Kentucky hat end up on his head, the curse will live on.

After the jump...a video of Jones in action...