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Rock Chalk Talk Time Machine Part II


HISTORY AWAITS!!!  The first dig from the Rock Chalk Talk time machine part II goes directly to the Kansas marketing department after orchestrating perhaps the most ill timed marketing campaign in the history of Kansas athletics.  The "History Awaits" campaign kicked off in full force featuring four Kansas seniors looking to go down in history as one of the great classes.  Wrapping up their careers with a North divisional title was the expectation, what followed was nothing short of a disaster. 


The group of Kerry Meier, Todd Reesing, Darrell Stuckey and Jake Sharp still leave as a class that elevated the program, but today the Rock Chalk Talk time machine revs it's engine, drops in a banana peel, a 1/2 ounce of beer and the aluminum can and heads out.  Roads?  Where were going we don't need roads.  Why? well the end of 2009 was a bit of a dead end for everyone so let's check out the predictions, bold statements and things we wish we'd never said surrounding September - November of 2009.


September 2009 - The NonConference Season. 

In my opening week preview I talk a little bit about what I expect from the 2009 Kansas offense.

Look for a Jayhawk offense that resembles more the 2007 squad than 2008 with a balanced attack and a little more ease in scoring.

- Denver

Labba talks about the chance of blowing out Northern Colorado

Nope, we’re saving the 70-0 for Nebraska.

- Labba

Bensa's response

I'd buy that, though it wouldn’t make the in-laws very happy. Besides, I don’t see us shutting out their 1st team offense with our 3rd string defense in the 4th quarter. I’ll give it 70-3.  (plenty of sarcasm here)

- Bensa


Este quickly calls for the Chris Harris move back to corner after the Northern Colorado game.

Is it possible that Chris Harris could move to his spot because he looked good.

- Este

Rivet shows confidence in Davis and Rubles.  In his defense, they never got a chance and I agreed with him.

Perhaps I'm the only Jayhawk....who’s not worried about Davis/Rubles.

- Rivet

After UTEP Labba notices a trend with Reesing that would be a problem all year.

He was staring down Briscoe on the left and just missed the guy coming off the edge.

- Labba

Following UTEP during the Duke preview I make the fatal mistake of jumping the gun.

Dare I say it, has the defense of the Kansas Jayhawks become a strength?

- Denver

The RCT community predicted trouble after Duke.

A quarter of the way through the season how are you feeling about the Kansas Jayhawks football prospects.
Confident - this is typical for our teams and they will continue to improve and win the North.
34 votes
Wish it was better - just don't see us beating the best of the Big12 and we'll be in a dogfight for the North.
40 votes
Cautious - haven't been crisp yet and we're going to be in a tough spot in key games against Tech, Nebraska and Missouri.
25 votes
Disappointed - Too many mistakes, and not enough there to say we have what it takes to win the North at this point.
4 votes


After the non-con we looked ahead to the conference and the North.  Giants9107 with a brilliant prediction.

That Colorado game scares me. Yeah, they suck, yeah we said the same thing last year.

- Giants 9107

Home Run Tony saw it coming too.

I think we'll be lucky to go 5-3 this team is inconsistent enough to lose at Colorado.

- Home Run Tony Cogan

Jayhawk Tom noticed the signs of a team lost as early as Iowa State.

I like to think that Mangino prepares his teams well but I thought they looked neither enthusiastic nor prepared.

- Jayhawk Tom

After Colorado Rivet begins asking the question we all are now regarding. position changes.

Can somebody who's more familiar with BCS conference football please find me another ranked football team that is moving players from offense to defense.

- Rivet

Home Run Tony continues his pessism long before others were convinced.  Tony is our new resident Nostradamus.

it’s not the one loss but the continuation of a trend after not one but two wake-up calls that has me concerned…perhaps we’re just not that good this year…win one of the next two and then we’ll see.

- Home Run Tony Cogan


Truth be's just depressing from here on out.  Fact of the matter is more of us seemed to call for the problems very early on then I remembered at the time.  Going back through threads as far back as Northern Colorado there were skeptics.  Kansas football had a rough go in 2009.  Very similar to when Biff stole the almanac and created the altered universe with his giant skyrise hotel full of drugs and hookers running wild. 


I'll spare everyone the remainder of the pain from the actual football season but perhaps there is a little bit more from November that needs to be reviewed.  Another sport starts in November, and we had a few BOLD predictions coming from the peanut gallery.

Drumroll please.....I present to you....the curse for the basketball season...BENSA!!!

We're going undefeated this year.  40-0.  You heard it here first.  So much talent, so much depth.  If HCBS can work out the rotation, these guys are going to dominate.  We'll be nine deep, while preserving Releford and Little for an extra year.  Get ready fellas, it's gonna be an awesome year. 

- Bensa


Rivet Responds

We’ll lose here in Austin.

We’ll lose in Mancrappy.

- Rivet

GREAT SCOTT!!!...jump back in the RCT Delorean and let's get the hell out of this place.