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Weekend Roundup

Busy weekend around the world wide web and in the Big 12 basketball world.  As the season is now completely wrapped up, recruiting is in high gear and the coaching carousel get's moving. 

Today a quick rundown of the topics for discussion.  Some factual, some internet rumor.  Sift through the real, the rumor and let's kick the tires for a little while.

First let's start with the stories that are very much REAL.

  • Jeff Bzdelik to Wake?

Colorado Buffaloes Head Basketball Coach Jeff Bzdelik is reportedly on his way to Wake Forest.  After getting a pulse out of the Buffs basketball program for the first time in several years, the news began to leak out that Bz was heading to Wake.  From Saturday through Sunday the story went a few different ways with AD's making statements about the issue.

Finally on Sunday Bzdelik addressed his team saying that he had not been offered the Wake job.  While the message did little to set anyone's mind at ease in Boulder, it was the first time the issue was addressed by the coach.  Not sure where this leaves things, but the story isn't quite over.  Jeff Bzdelik seems to have things moving in a positive direction in Boulder and it would appear to be a big blow in the making for the Buffs program.

  • Mike Anderson does a little recruiting.

The Tigers landed two additional commitments for this years class rounding out the Tiger recruiting for the year.  The big fish appears to be Ricardo Ratliffe the #1 ranked junior college player in the country.  Ricardo averaged 27 and 12 in junior college and is listed at 6'8" 240.  The thought in Columbia is that this may be the missing piece in the middle to make the Tigers a Final Four contender. 

The other addition is another junior college player.  The brother of incoming freshman Phil Pressey will join the Tigers.  Sounds like a classic Mike Anderson player, tough defensively, does the little things and supposed to be a capable shooter. 

Now, if 5* recruit Tony Mitchell was able to put things together on his ACT this weekend and get qualified, then Mike Anderson will have put together a top 10 class and addressed the needs of the team.  Still has to translate to the court, but the Tigers on paper would look to be a serious contender for the Big 12 crown and a run at the Final Four in Houston.

Onto the RUMOR...

  • Josh Selby, Doron Lamb, Terrance Jones.

Selby continues to be reported as a very heavy Kansas lean.  Some put this one in the lock category, but Tennessee is still pushing.  Selby originally committed to the Vols and this one likely comes down to KU vs. the Vols. 

Doron Lamb continues to be viewed as a slight Kentucky lean.  Coach Self and the staff have been making a big push and there was a phone conversation reported to have occurred between Self and Lamb's father that was called, "very good" by the folks over at Jayhawkslant..  Still seems most are feeling he'll end up with Calipari, but it sounds like KU is very much in the mix.

Terrance Jones hasn't been listing Kansas, but the Kansas coaches are contacting him and trying to reenter the picture.  Probably a long shot, but I think the interesting question is what does Kansas reentering the picture mean?  Do the coaches feel like they are going to miss on someone or is there a transfer in the works.

  • Elijah Johnson in trouble?

The Jones recruitment and what it means is a good transition to a rumor regarding EJ that is sticking around and while people continue to try to discredit the talk, it keeps popping up.  I find it a little out of left field, but as the saying goes...where there's smoke...

Anyway, rumor is that EJ is going to be dismissed from the team.  Take this with a grain of salt, probably nothing to it, but as I said...the rumor just keeps popping up and no one seems to be able to kill it.  Perhaps this weeks basketball banquet can help put rumors to rest.

Last but not least...some off topic discussion.

  • Tiger Woods

I watched a little Masters golf over the course of the weekend.  Great to see Mickelson win, and a heck of a weekend as a whole for the sport.

My question is this...all the focus was obviously centered around Tiger and his "return".  Shying away from asking the question of how difficult it is to focus with all the problems in his personal life, the media kept asking about how difficult it was to return after such a long absence from the game.

Was it really that long?  I know the guy missed a few tourney's, but Tiger didn't miss a single major and it's always seemed to me that the majors are the only thing he really cares about playing in. If it were up to him, that might be the only time he plays.  So why the fuss over the time away and not the reason why? 

Tiger is who we thought he was...and they let him off the hook!!  : )