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Did Someone Say April Fools?

Yes slam called it early.  For those who bought in, those whose blood boiled over at the amount of Mizzou love on the site today...Always remember that the first day of April is not a good day to dive in head first with your emotions.

No Rock Chalk Talk has not become a bunch of MU sympathizers.  Rock Chalk Talk has not gone Jason Whitlock.  KC is not enrolling in the journalism school at MU and Warden and myself are still 100% behind Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks.

Today was about a little bit of fun.  Rock M Nation and Rock Chalk Talk decided to take a series of posts and ruffle the collective feathers of the Jayhawk and Tiger nations.  The beginning was subtle, gradually building to what should have been a most unbelievable post by myself touting Jason Sutherland and Derek Grimm. 

On the Rock M Nation side of things, there links included and homage to Cole, followed by a push for the flexbone in football and as part of their new player hall of fame series known as "The Rafters" an induction of our very own Cole Aldrich.    The last post for Jayhawk fans is probably very true.  Why Quin is better than Norm. 

Alas sleep easy my friends. We're still Jayhawks.  And no matter how much I respect the guys over at Rock M and Mike Anderson, you won't see me clamoring for that change to be made again.  One question though, do I have to add KC back in?