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New Staff Announcement: Warden11

Ku_mediumIt's always been my opinion that RCT gets its appeal from the fact that it's a site powered by the entire fan community involved.  The readers, the fanposters and the every day commentors are what make this place what it is.  The inside jokes, the hopefully educated and civil discussion and the ability to look at things from different perspectives is something I've always found unique and enjoyable.

With that in mind it just makes sense from time to time to add to the RCT staff directly from the same group of people that has made this place so great.  Today Warden11 joins that group as we will be adding Warden as one of our contributing authors here at RCT. 

Warden has been around Rock Chalk Talk for a little under two years now.  In that time he's been an active commenter and brought a fair amount to the community in the way of fanposts and fanshots.

Over the last two months Warden has become a bit of a statistical guru here at Rock Chalk Talk beginning with his modified basketball +/- system known to us here as "Warden's +/-".  His tempo analysis, conference comparisons and pre and postgame +/- reports have given those of us a little more mathematically challenged a different way to look at areas of the game that we probably often wondered about. 

With his consistent analysis and contributions in mind, we've asked Warden to jump aboard as a contributing author and more specifically as our "stat man" so to speak here at Rock Chalk Talk. 

Warden's forte is probably going to be on the basketball court, but he also hopes to track and contribute to the baseball discussion and hopefully come fall we'll find some areas he can add to the statistical analysis on the football field. 

As always, if anyone has any suggestions, news, story ideas or areas of interest feel free to email myself (, KC ( and now Warden ( with your thoughts, questions or suggestions.

Congrats to Warden, welcome aboard and we're looking forward to your continued contributions here at RCT.