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Kansas at Missouri Open Game Thread

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Real quick let me just say that on paper this might appear to be a game that just doesn't matter. As a Kansas fan the safe play would be for me to sit here and talk about how Kansas has nothing to play for and this means nothing to the Jayhawks just as Missouri football fans did in the 2008 season when they lost to Kansas after wrapping up the North. That's the safe play, lower the expectation and you can't be disappointed, right?

I'm not interested, this game matters every time. Any fan, player, coach or other who's had to pick a side in this one knows it matters and if you try to play it're lying to yourself. Missouri is once again a tough place to win, the Jayhawks will have to be better than just good and ready from the opening tip to win this one. I'll probably be stting this one out, I have a house full of Jayhawk fans in town visiting so we'll probably be watching this one as a group. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, and enjoy the game and the open thread.