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Sherron Collins Senior Night Media Epicenter

We've got one more day to spend reminiscing about 4 and his career before it's time to move on to Missouri, so I thought it'd be a good idea to pull all the videos and links to videos and photo galleries into one big post, so as not to clutter the front page or the sidebar.  This will serve as your home base for anything and everything Sherron Collins Senior Night.  Also, if you have something that I missed, have something of your own or something to add, either add a link in the comments or email myself ( or Denver ( and we will be sure to get it edited in.  There's bound to be new computer backgrounds, avatars and profile pictures popping up all over the country after this.

Enjoy. Photo Gallery

KU Athletics Photo Gallery

All videos and video links after the jump...

Sherron's Senior Walk


That hug from coach Self sure says a lot about what they mean to each other.

Pregame Intro Videos and Starting Lineups


(Somewhat choppy audio during the videos portion)

Postgame Video Tribute Before Speech

Link to video immediately following the final buzzer up until his speech

Link to video of actual senior night speech itself
2:00 mark when Sherron mentions Brady and their unique relationship.


Just an unbelievable night and series of moments. You couldn't ask for anything more from one young man.

Rock Chalk.