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Knock, knock, knock...Housekeeping!

A few quick items of note for the greater community and perhaps a little tutorial for all the new faces we're seeing lately.


Use it!! This is your opportunity to express your opinion, take a stand, make a statement or pose a question.  This is the fans voice and I encourage all to have fun with this. SB Nation and RCT is full of some pretty intelligent and respectful people waiting to take an idea and chew on it.  Don't be shy, nobody here bites.


Think of this as newsworthy items you'd like to share.  Find a great article? Link it.  A funny video? Share it.  A great quote? Well, quote it.  You get the idea.  These are short, sweet and to the point items of note, whereas a fanpost might be something with a little more thought or opinion behind it.


We've got a fan page on facebook!!  If you're on facebook, become a fan here.  After you do that, invite a few friends.  Get updates on new articles, fanposts and fanshots, share an article with your friends, expand the discussion and stay connected with Rock Chalk Talk. 

Coach Gill on Twitter

In case you haven't noticed, we have a feed to Coach Gill's twitter account now directly below Coach Self.  Check it out.


Lastly, I thought it might be a good time to take a pulse and look for suggestions from you all.  As we head into the "slow" time of year for Kansas sports (April-July), it presents an opportunity for us to step back and see what we can improve on here at Rock Chalk Talk.  What does everyone see as a priority?  Things you'd like to read about?  Topics? New potential features?  Help us out if you'd like, leave your thoughts in the comments we're always open to ideas.

Elite Eight Open Thread gets started about 15 minutes before today's tip.