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Selection Sunday Open Thread

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Shouldn't be to much mystery to this one.  For nearly the entire season the Jayhawks have held the #1spot in both polls.  Despite the media's great efforts to place both Kentucky and Syracuse on the pedestal, neither team handled success very well(cue the t-shirt pics). 

I fully expect the Kansas Jayhawks to be the #1 overall #1 with trips to OKC, St. Louie and hopefully Indy on tap over the next three weekends.  The questions today surround the opponents.  Who will we play? What are the matchups? and of course there are a few games today as well. 

This will be the open thread for all the action.  Pull up a chair grab a beer and let's have some fun on one of the great days in sports that doesn't actually involve an actual game.  

Miss St v Kentucky - Noon CST

Duke v Georgia Tech - Noon CST

Minnesota v Ohio State - 2:30pm CST

Selection Sunday Show - 5pm CST