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Big 12 Scouting Report

Rock Chalk Talk Conference Comparison's

Quick Note: We'll have an Open Thread for the Big 12 Tourney beginning this morning and one scheduled for every day this week.  Time to find a way to not work if you can!  - Denver

Rock Chalk Talk is breaking out a new toy for the Big 12 Tournament instead of a long scouting report on each school.  We know Kansas enters the tournament as the #1 seed and is the favorite to win the tournament, but do you know how they compare to Colorado in eFG% this season?  Ok, you're not interested in a potential matchup between Kansas and Colorado, how about the points per possession for Missouri and Kansas through conference play?  Even better, how about a way to compare all Big 12 schools in eFG%, free throw rate, turnover %, and points per possession through conference play for offense and defense?

*Hit play.  This is graphing the PPP for every Kansas Big 12 game this year.  


Using this motion chart, you can choose as many schools as you'd like and chart up to four different stats.  You can change both the Y and X axis and the color and size of the bubbles.  Want to see how Texas compares to Texas A&M in opponent points per possession through Big 12 games, just select both schools and select trails.  On the X axis along the bottom, select time.  Change the Y axis to OPPP, then click play.  Your graph should look just like this:


*Highlighted items in the picture are the things you can control. 

Change the X axis to create a scatter plot for Kansas and Iowa State's PPP and OPPP and you'll get this:


Kansas outscores Iowa State per possession (farther right along the X axis) and holds their opponents to fewer points per possession (bubbles are lower on the Y axis), though the OPPP is fairly close.

Get creative and enjoy!

*If you can't see it, try refreshing.  If that still doesn't work, make sure your browser allows flash.  If you're using Chrome, view the page "incognito" (supposed to work). 

**One more note: ignore the "1901, 1902, etc...the graph requires a "time" variable, so I used game #1, game #2, etc and it reads this as 1901, 1902.  These numbers only include Big 12 games.